Are you the new Assistant Account Executive at The Wilhelm Agency?

What if you could….

Work every day with teammates who have as much positivity and drive as you do?

Learn new skills and solve new problems in an environment that’s ambitious, not cutthroat?

Get your foot in the door at a rewarding company in one of the hottest industries right now?

Here are the qualities we look for (aka You’re a great fit if these criteria describe you):

  • You’re positive, pleasant, and driven (minus the attitude)
  • You’re really smart (And it shows through in your excellent work)
  • You have it together–you’re always organized and you know how to prioritize
  • You can handle the heat–every link on this chain needs to be strong, and it starts with you
  • You’re a communicator. Clients, teammates, the sushi place–you’re always delivering a clear message
  • You play to win, but you’re respectful about it 
  • When you know what you need to do, you get after it–and you do it right

The Details on the Wilhelm Agency (and your new dream job!)

We sit at the crossroads between a traditional, family-owned independent insurance agency and a poised-for-growth, innovative agency.

We’re a growing company riding a lot of momentum…BUT we treat all of our clients to a boutique, family-owned experience.

Our clients know we care about them because it shows up consistently in everything we do–our responsiveness, our friendliness, and our diligence in getting them exactly what they need.

Here’s what else you should know about us:

  • We’re high energy…(Even for insurance industry standards!)
  • We’re team players…(Every success is a team effort–working together is the only way to win)
  • We’re diverse individuals…(Yeah, performing as a team is really important–but we don’t lose our individuality in the process)
  • We’re all knowledge chasers and curious (everyone ranks strongly on the academic sliding scale)
  • We’ll be patient and friendly while you learn your new role

The Essential Tasks:

As the new Assistant Account Executive, you will handle:

  • Supporting Account Managers
  • Interfacing with clients on service and renewal
  • Marketing and quoting for commercial accounts
  • Applications, documentation, outbound letters, and more
  • Every new challenge professionally, responsively, and attentively

The Required Experience:

Here’s what we need in our new Account Executive:

  • 2+ years in commercial multi-line property & casualty insurance
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Outlook, Excel, and Word
  • Knowledge of TAM Applied Systems
  • Current Property and Casualty Brokers License

Full Disclosure!

We do things a little bit differently around here. It works for us, so make sure this works for you, too:

  • We keep it positive (there’s no place for negativity or drama in our office)
  • Every person counts (there’s no room to hide here, every person truly counts)
  • When we’re in the office, we’re 110% focused!
  • -We respect the work/life balance (we have families, we have friends, we love our free time! You won’t be here until 10 pm during the week, but while you’re here you’re happy to work)
  • We love learning and we love new designations (so much so that if you’re serious about a designation, we’ll pay for your class)
  • We can’t wait to meet you!

The Perks:

  • You’ll have some flexibility in your schedule to work remotely
  • Your salary grows with your experience, and we’re competitive at every level
  • You’ll get excellent health benefits: we pay 100% for individual major medical health insurance
  • And you’ll get our strong PTO benefits package for flexible paid time off

Does this sound good to you?

Go ahead and submit your resume and a reference (we hold all resumes in confidence). Our hiring director will follow up with you if we agree that you’d be a great fit! From there, we’ll arrange an initial phone interview. You’ll also need to pass a background check.

Happy submitting!